Rehabilitative Exercise

Rehabilitative Exercise is just one of the tools that Dr. Lindsey has in her toolbox to help patients get back to feeling their best as quickly as possible! Whether it be retraining a weak ankle or knee, or doing exercises to diminish back pain, Dr. Lindsey will devise a plan specifically for you. Rehabilitative exercise can be used following an injury or accident where a part of your body has gotten neglected, or in treating back pain. Dr. Lindsey has taken Parts A & B of McKenzie’s Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and utilizes these principles to help patients recover quickly. Following an assessment, Dr. Lindsey will note your areas of weakness, as well as your areas of strength. Your exercise program (AKA your homework) will be composed of the activities that are going to get you better the quickest!


As your condition changes, Dr. Lindsey will continually alter your plan to challenge your body and get it to be as strong as it can be! Rehabilitative exercise is one piece of the puzzle, and will be employed with a number of different therapies to get you back to optimal health and function!

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