Nutritional Counseling

We recognize how difficult it can be to make changes to your diet, especially whether you are going at it alone. Whether you are making changes to lose weight, to support sports performance, to prepare for pregnancy, or just to be healthier, we are here to help and support you!


Comprehensive Natural Healthcare provides nutritional counseling and support to all of our patients! It is ideal that you start with a Functional Medicine visit to properly discuss your current health status and dietary patterns. Then, Dr. Lindsey will recommend appropriate dietary changes and supplementation.


For our patients who are undergoing dietary changes, we provide support via quick tips and healthy recipes online to make your lifestyle change a little bit easier. We (if you choose) will also check in with you periodically to make sure that you are staying accountable and making a positive difference.


If you are interested in nutritional counseling for any reason – whether it be weight loss, sports performance, preconception planning, or improving overall health, contact the office today to schedule an appointment!

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