Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, or IASTM, is a soft tissue modality that helps to increase function and range of motion. All muscles in the body are covered in a thin fibrous coating called fascia that is designed to allow free movement or gliding within the body. Through an injury or normal wear and tear, this fibrous coating can form adhesions or scar tissue, which limit range of motion and function, as well as cause pain. IASTM can be applied to these tissues to disrupt the adhesions and encourage proper healing so that you may regain the range of motion that you once had. 


IASTM is performed by utilizing a handheld tool (in the office, you will see quartz and stainless steel tools), along with a lubricant (that smells like frosting!) The tool will be run along the skin in the area of concern. During the treatment, you may feel areas that feel bumpy when the instrument crosses it – kind of like a vehicle on a gravel road. These are the areas where there are fascial adhesions. Once these areas are located, Dr. Lindsey will spend more time focusing on these particular areas to release the adhesions. You may notice slight redness following the treatment and you’ll likely notice that you are able to move more freely.

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