Functional Medicine

“Functional medicine is not the medicine of “what,” but the medicine of why.”

Functional medicine is a holistic form of healthcare that aims to address the underlying cause of disease. It analyzes all body systems and their interactions with each other. No one system can stand alone, they are all interdependent and interconnected in their function. This also means that dysfunction in one area or system of the body can lead to dysfunction in other areas of the body. As opposed to being a disease-centered approach like conventional medicine, functional medicine is patient centered. It aims to determine WHY things have gone wrong for you.

Functional medicine is personalized medicine. It focuses on YOUR symptoms and YOUR history to determine the cause of YOUR illness, which then leads to the creation of a treatment protocol just for YOU. No two people are the same, and very few conditions match the textbook definitions. With functional medicine, the first visit is typically 60-90 minutes of a detailed history and examination. Laboratory testing may be utilized to get better insight into what is happening with your blood chemistry and organ system function. Following history, examination, and laboratory testing, a treatment plan will be created for you consisting of diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications, as well as supplementation with nutraceuticals. Becoming a functional medicine patient requires active involvement in your care. Dr. Lindsey will give you her best advice and recommendations, but functional medicine requires some homework in changing your lifestyle and keeping up with supplementation. The power is put in your hands to make the changes required to get you feeling better and vibrant again!

Dr. Lindsey has completed all required hours for the Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists (DABCI) and is now board eligible. The DABCI program teaches concepts in functional medicine, as well as natural primary care principles. Check out the About Us for more information about chiropractic internists and the DABCI program.

Process of Treatment

As a new patient, you will be asked to fill out intake paperwork before your first visit. This paperwork will ask for information on you demographics, about your past health history, and about the problems that you are currently experiencing. It is important to fill out this paperwork to the best of your ability, filling out all areas, even if you believe that they don’t apply to your current condition. This will help the doctor to provide the best care possible to you.

During your first visit, Dr. Lindsey will spend approximately 60-90 minutes with you talking about your health concerns and history. She will then perform a physical examination. For Functional Medicine visits, your height, weight, blood pressure, and other vitals will be taken. Depending on your health concerns, Dr. Lindsey may perform a cardiovascular, respiratory, or other examination.

Following the history and physical examination, Dr. Lindsey will order any necessary imaging or laboratory testing to determine your diagnosis. For normal blood labs, you may be asked to visit an outside lab like Quest or LabCorp to have your blood drawn. If Dr. Lindsey is ordering functional labs, you may be sent home with a lab collection kit, or be asked to visit a lab for blood draw.

After your labs have been reviewed, Dr. Lindsey will create a treatment plan for you, specific to your current health concerns. Dr. Lindsey may recommend specific supplementation, dietary changes, exercise, and/or stress reduction.

Periodically, Dr. Lindsey will recommend follow-ups to ensure that all recommended treatment plans are helping to decrease your symptoms and help you feel better. At these follow-ups, Dr. Lindsey will check your vitals, ask how your health regimen has been going, and make any changes needed to your supplementation, diet, or exercise program.

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