July 2, 2019
Sarah Lindsey, DC

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and with that comes holiday festivities and BBQs loaded with plenty of delicious temptations! But having health goals or being on a “diet” doesn’t mean that you can’t partake and enjoy the holiday with friends and family! Follow these three simple tips below and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier holiday get together!

Try to choose foods that are natural or minimally processed FIRST! Ask yourself – did this come from the Earth or a factory?! If it came from the Earth – the land, sea, air, or a tree, then eat it! If it came from a factory, think twice before making that choice.

🍓🍓Try to choose snacks from the fruit and veggie tray before you visit the breads, crackers, or chips.

🍗For the main course, try to choose minimally processed protein (chicken, steak) over highly processed things like hot dogs, sausage, and frozen hamburger patties. It’s also helpful to say no to the bun! They’re just extra calories and inflammation that you don’t need working against your goals! Buddy your protein up with some veggies & you’re set!

🌭Avoid or minimize the use of condiments with extensive ingredient lists! Many commercial condiments and salad dressings are loaded with lists of artificial ingredients, sugar/sugar substitutes, and refined oils that don’t lend to good health!

🥤Choose water as your beverage as opposed to sugar sweetened beverages, juices, sports drinks, sodas, etc. Limit alcohol & enjoy responsibly! Not only is it better for your health, but it will also result in fewer embarrassing videos on social media! 🙂


🏃‍♀️Stay active! Go swimming, play a game of catch/frisbee with family, go for a walk! Enjoy the fireworks!